lunedì 21 maggio 2018

Anno Domini 1666 Kickstarter

A brief presentation about a Kickstarter project I think it deserves to be funded.

Anno Domini 1666 is a boardgame by Wargamer Games Studio LTD, the same authors of the wargame rules "By Fire and Sword". The boargame is completed by stunning 28mm miniatures (available both in resin and in metal), set in...ok you guess right, 1666AD. The background is the following: at the end of 1665 the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Leopold I dies in Vienna. The struggle for the succession is open. Lot of envoys and pretenders conveys in the city with gangs of soldiers, diplomats and spies, attempting to gain advantage from the situation for their nation...or for themselves.

The mechanics are diceless, using cards to resolve both actions, skills test and combats. Each character has it's own card with stats and special abilities (as seen in Malifaux). The maps are 2D printed on cardboard, even if some 3D items are aivalable (Heroquest could be a good comparison).

Apparently the gameplay won't focus just on straight fighting, but it will involve missions as recovering top secrets documents or similar. Probably some sort of diplomacy will be involved, so resembling an RPG. Some low level magic/sovrannatural feats should be available, leaving the game mostly historical.

I was caught by the figures: 28/32mm realistic proportioned depicting soldiers, heroes and commoners. Polish, Imperials, French, Ottoman and secret guilds are the factions presented, but there is plenty of space for more to join the fight.

I don't know if I will play the game as it is (well, I suppose I will give it at least a try), but I see an huge potential for skirmish like games as En Garde! to reuse the figures (and the boards if you wish).

For sure, Anno Domini 1666 is a project worth to be backed if you have interest in historical tabletop RPG, or historical skirmish wargames of XVII century. You've time until 14th  of June!

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