sabato 28 luglio 2018

First hunting game with Paleo Diet!

Is hunting great prehistoric beasts your passion? Paleo Diet might be the game for you!

A simple, yet entertaining, game written by Nicholas Wright and published by Ganesha Games which allows you to recreate prehistoric hunting game.
You can chase pacific grazers or aggressive predators, but a successful hunt is always going to be fun!
You can play it both solo and as cooperative. You will always control the human (or hominid) hunters, beasts will react to different stimulation. This of course offers a large solo-gaming feasibility. Activation is based on the three dice system seen in other games from Ganesha Games, but the animals reaction mechanic truly characterizes this game.

Spears, bows and clubs are your main weapons, but fire is what differences beasts from humans. Fire can be used to frighten animals and help driving them away...or towards your companion.

Natural environment could also play a role: cliffs are pretty useful to capture animals. The game is simple, but, at the same time deeply strategic, it will unfold in about 30-45 minutes, and rules for a simple campaign are included.

Here some pictures from the introductive scenario: four hunters (for three players), tries to hunt down an isolated Mammoth. We used Woodland Indians from Warlord Games as hunters, since we are still painting appropriate Neanderthal figures. Anyway the Mammoth managed to run of the table. Our party went home hungry!

just before a stampede!

In the second game we wanted to try out bows, so (lacking bow-armed Indians), we put up a crossover: Vikings in North America found a Mammoth which escaped extinction. They lost one member of the clan, but the Mammoth was hunted down.

Group picture!

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