lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Welcome again, my friends.

As I promised I moved my blogger activity to Blogspot!
This will be a short introductory post, to introduce myself. 

I'm an Italian wargamer, settled in Verona, I'm quite young (25 years old), and I've been wargaming for seven years.

I like almost any historical period, and my personal motto is: "the important thing is to play and to have fun", that said, I play almost anything I've occasion to. I'm most dedicated to historical miniature wargame, but I don't dislike boardgames or RPG.

You can find my previous post (some will be reposted here) in my club blog:

Some more detailed information about my wargaming activity: 
My main interest are the big clash of the Antiquity, the Late Roman Empire, the Venetian history (as I live in Veneto Region, and I'm particularly keen on local history ), the Napoleonic age and the WW2. 

The decadence and fall has always fascinated me: so Rome in 476 AD, Venice in 1797 AD or Berlin '45 are all suitable topic of interest.

My favourite rulesets (read and played):

  • Lion Rampant and the "Rampant system": Pikeman's Lament, Dragon Rampant and The Men Who Would be Kings
  • Et Sans Resultat
  • Warfare in the Age of Reason
  • Ronin and En Garde!
  • Legends of the high sea
  • Bolt Action
  • Battlefront WW2
  • Field of Glory AM and R
  • Lost Battle (read)
  • X-Wing

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