venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Commandos are coming!

Eventually I decided to start gaming WW2 in 28mm scale. I had and hard time deciding the rules to use, but, according my new philosophy (the important thing is playing), I followed the majority. Since in my area (Verona, in Northern Italy), there is a cospicuous group of Bolt Action Players, I decided gettin' into it. The rules provide a simulation of about a platoon per side, it's not the most historically accurated rulset, but it's fun to play, doesn't requires ton of miniatures and it's very easy to learn. 

My closer friends already own Germans and Americans, so, I decided to go Brit. I've always liked peculiar troops: I find regular infantry boring, so I decided to purchase a Commandos army. I loved them in Company of Heroes, too (a PC videogame).

A Detail of Warlord's Commandos! Box front cover

So I found this bargain, through the Bolt Action sell and swap group on facebook and I've been able to do my army on a budget (IIRC about 60€).

The "Starter" army

Here we have: A Commandos box, plus some extra sprue, a British Army Command (the medic inside is a great plus), and a Vickers HMG. Then I got a Tamyia Bren Carrier and a Warlord AEC mk III to add some anti-tank power (I cannot rely on a PIAT squad). 

I should be able to squeeze a 750 points army out of these. Of course a serious Tank has to be purchased, I cannot decide between a Churchill or a Cromwell. Buffalo and Tetrarch are also viable future purchases for fun. But it's enough for now. Time to go asssembling!

Lot of pieces!!!! OMG, when will I assemble this carrier?!

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  1. Great blog! I've got a British bolt action force though I went paratroopers not commandos