lunedì 29 maggio 2017

Summer (painting) Campaign!

The council of war was reunited last week and our plan was finally set.

The main question was: what's next? What's the next big project our club will devote the next year? We decided a theme, after many years (Luca waited for this about 17 years) we are finally jumping into the Thirty Years War period, also known as Pike&Shotte period!

So, our next step was to decide which ruleset had to be used for the period. After FOG:R was ruled out, due to the massive number of miniatures and (most important) time needed to set up and play a game, there were two pretendants: Liber Militum Tercios (supported by Luca) and The Pikeman's Lament (proposed by me).

Every general is going to gather his forces: Luca, Paolo and Stefano already own a relevant collection of 15mm miniatures for the period, most of them painted and based (using the DBx standard, since they were meant to be used with FOG:R).
Marco, Jack and me, on the other hand, bought 28mm warlord models, Luca and Paolo decided to join us in that scale, too.

During our war council we decided that the games are not mutually exclusive, we will use Tercios to recreate the proper battles of the period and TPL for skirmishing action like foraging and raiding. We found an agreement on bases (for 28mm) and so we should be able to game Tercios in 15mm and 28mm and TPL in 28mm. There are also ideas to link the game of the two ruleset in a kind of campaign game, but it's all pretty vague, for now.

Now, it's time to paint! First armies are expected to be ready for the winter. Of course, future developements will be posted in this blog, so stay tuned!


Luca - Imperial Army (15mm and 28mm)
Jack - Spanish Army (28mm)

Marco - Swedish (28mm)
Stefano - Swedish (15mm)
Paolo - Parlamentarian (15mm); Danes (28mm) [still thinking about them] 
Riccardo - German Protestants (28mm) [loosely based upon Saxons]

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